Chocolate Ritter Sport White Coconut

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Customer reviews: Chocolate Ritter Sport White Coconut

A top German white chocolate with coconut flavor

Author: Eric     Date: 2013-12-11
Author´s opinion:
I am indifferent to white chocolate, yet I am a fan of German chocolate Ritter Sport, so I buy every kind at least one time for tasting. And in this case, I have bought white coconut flavor chocolate, although I don’t like both coconuts and white chocolate at all. I was extremely surprised when the taste of this chocolate proved to be… tasty. It looks more yellow than white. The taste is nice, moderately sweet. It contains very granular coconut chips. As for me, I like it. Usually white chocolate is silky sweet, because it isn’t chocolate at all. Germans managed to follow the balance and the taste had come out as nice ...