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Date: 2013-12-07

It’s an external battery. The brand is a Chinese one, but it didn’t influence the quality, it’s decent. The price is 80$, it’s not too much for the volume of 12000 mAh. You shouldn’t directly compare the capacity of 12000 mAh with the capacity of the rechargeable device, for instance, a smartphone with the 1500 mAh battery and you shouldn’t hope that you’ll charge it from the outer battery 8 times. When transmitting the energy, a part of it is lost, that’s why a smartphone with the 1500 mAH battery can be charged about 4 times from this battery.

The manufacturer guarantees 500 cycles of the charge and discharge of the battery without its capacity loss. Personally I have to charge it about 2 or 3 times a month, so, it has a huge validity.
The battery has two outlets, the first one is for 1 ampere, the second one is for 2.1 amperes. It will respectively regulate the charge speed of the connected device. As far as I understand, the energy losses during transmission are lower at the 1 ampere outlet, so, if you don’t hurry, you can use this port. Also there is a blue insertion test strip.

In the set there were: a USB cable with the inertial coiling, an adapter for charging Nokia, an adapter for charging iPhone, micro USB, mini USB. I’d say that it is quite rich equipment that will let you charge the majority of the most popular devices. By the way, the inertial coiling is quite a convenient thing: its construction is extremely simple, the spring twists the cable automatically when there is no more need in it. My mechanism has been working for about a year already.

I have no complaints about the installation, but they could have chosen another kind of plastic, which is not that black and glossy, because it looks ugly after a month of exploitation: it is dirty and covered with fingerprints and scratches. However, it didn’t influence its characteristics.I’m completely satisfied with the device, I recommend it to everyone whose phone charge isn’t sufficient for a day. Moreover, the iron of the flagship smartphones (it happens almost with all brands), gradually becomes more powerful and consumes more energy, no matter how capacious the battery is. This is the reason why such backup batteries will be very popular for many years.

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