Panasonic HJE120 headphones

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Customer reviews: Panasonic HJE120 headphones

They aren’t bad, they are worth their price

Author: Kitrulz     Date: 2013-12-18
Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought them for my child to replace her similar SVEN headphones. My daughter has lost their silicone parts at school. There was only the plastic part with wires left. Unlike in the SVEN headphones, the embouchure in the Panasonic ones is firmly installed. To take it off, you have to make some efforts. The shape is asymmetrical, but my daughter has got used to it and she doesn’t want any others. She says they are convenient. The sound is also much better than by SVEN, and the price is almost the same. All in all, the child is pleased. I’m a bit worried about their solidity, as the wire looks too fragile, and it creases ...