Organic India Tulsi Holy Basil

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  1. Composite of organic ingredients

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Alcohol tolerance Yes
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  1. Organic India
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Raising the immunity with the help of natural tea

Author: Alisa     Date: 2013-12-07
Author´s opinion:
Every autumn due to avitaminosis our immunity appears in a very bad condition and as a result we often catch cold and other unpleasant diseases. My friend who is constantly supporting healthy way of life said that it is very important to support your immunity during this period and she advised me to try this tea, which she is taking for several years. When I have read the annotation I didn`t believe that all these herbs and fruits can affect your organism anyhow. But she insisted in the fact that it really works. According to her words she forgot about cough and rhinitis for the time she is drinking this tea. I was intrigued ...