Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment

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Customer reviews: Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment

Night cream which appeared to be uneffective

Author: Maria     Date: 2013-12-14
Author´s opinion:
I am fond of trying new cosmetic products because I got used to be modern and stylish. I always like to find something new. This time I would like to share my impressions as for this night cream. I decided to buy it because I saw the advertising on TV. This cream is meant for moisturizing and to restore the top layer of skin. It is also said to cause lifting effect. The price of this cream is very pleasant because it is rather available but I doubt as for the lifting effect. I`ve been using this cream for two months but my wrinkles didn`t disappear. The texture of the cream is rather thick and it seems that you are wearing a mask. But ...