Nivea Sensitive Shaving foam

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Customer reviews: Nivea Sensitive Shaving foam

Foam is so-so, a lot worse than Gillette

Author: Pello     Date: 2013-12-29
Author´s opinion:
I was buying this shaving foam simply to try it, as I usually buy Gillette or if I have money than Avene. This time I didn’t really have money and wanted to try something new, and as a result I have Nivea’s shaving foam. Actually it has a high price, but in one range with Gillette I would say. It can’t be used for long, opposite to notorious Gillette, which is consumed very economically. Well, I don’t know under what pressure they pump the foam into their bottles, but it’s evidently higher than Nivea does it. This foam lasted within a month for me, as I shave once in to days, while Gillette lasts for two months if taking into ...