Molton Brown Naran Ji Fine Liquid Hand Wash

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Customer reviews: Molton Brown Naran Ji Fine Liquid Hand Wash

Luxurious liquid soap

Author: BestGirl     Date: 2013-12-14
Author´s opinion:
First I used this soap in a café and I liked it a lot. My sister bought this soap and we both were testing it. This soap is really very good. It has a wonderful odor and it foams very well, leaving your hands cleaned and well moisturized. The only thing I can`t understand is why it is so expensive. It is extremely expensive in comparison with other good soaps and I consider that for a hand wash this price is too high. Someone may think that I`m greedy but it is not true. I just don`t think that liquid soap should cost that much. My sister keeps saying that beauty is above all and a woman shouldn`t save on good cosmetic products and ...