Loreal Elvital Anti-breakage Mask

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Customer reviews: Loreal Elvital Anti-breakage Mask

I was expecting more visible effect

Author: Tana     Date: 2013-12-25
Author´s opinion:
The nasty problem of dry and fragile hair is familiar to me. It must be due to regular use of hairdryers, hair irons and dyeing. I’ve tested numerous hair addition aids, but not all of them are efficient. It is exactly the case of the Anti-breakage hair mask from Loreal. I can’t say the mask is bad, it just didn’t give that amazing result the advertising had promised. In other words, the mask is only suitable to moisten the hair and to ease its combing. Of course, no mask can reveal all its characteristics after a single use. I had been using it for two weeks or so, but still, I didn’t feel the appropriate result. I won’t claim ...