Dental floss Jordan Expand

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The quality is excellent but the flavor is not for everyone

Author: HelenaPayton     Date: 2013-12-03
Author´s opinion:
Dental floss Jordan I consider to be one of the best flosses that I have ever used before. I`ve tried almost all the flosses of this series: «EasySlide», «Everyday», «in Вetween», «Activ Care» including «Jordan Expand» which I tested recently. All of them were really good. First of all I want to mention the advantages. The floss is rather thick so it doesn`t slide in your hands and thanks to that it is rather economical. To hold it well it is not necessary to wind it on your fingers. Secondly, in the process of cleansing it expands very well and fills the space between the teeth. Most of the thin flosses traumatize my ...