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Date: 2013-12-18

Personally I enjoy pedaling outdoors when the landscape around you is changing. But it is more like an extreme sport in the city, that’s why I have to exercise indoors.

I want to say that despite the bycicle is big by its dimensions it is rather compact though. If you put into a corner you might accidently forget about it.

First of all, I’d like to tell about the peculiarities of the construction. I’ll start from the top. You can regulate the angle of inclination of the bike with the screw which is fixed at the root. You can lower the handles towards yourself or lift them. This way you can regulate a position which is perfect for you.

The pedals are also important. A pedal, as well as a bike itself, is a separate mechanism. Underneath it is equipped with a plumb which doesn’t let the pedal tip and it also keeps it in the starting position (in case if your foot falls out).

Even though it is almost impossible, because your foot is fixed with the help of two straps in the pedal,they are fastened with the “velcro” clasp. However, everything can occur while active training.
The seat isn’t very comfortable and ergonomic. Probably, they don’t take such details into account when producing the budget models. The seat is a bit too hard. But the physical exercises are not supposed to be comfortable.

In order to make the bike stand firmly, you should wear special plastic caps on your feet. They have a special cut at their back side. There are small round cylinders in front of them. From one side of the caps you can find a small wheel. If you push the bike forwards and tilt its “head” having slightly lifted the seat, you can easily roll the bike across the floor, moving it from one corner of the room to another, as it is quite heavy.

Now a few words about the sensors. They are located at the ends of the handlebars. They look like metal tips that measure your pulse. It’s not as convenient as the clip which looks like a pin that you hitch at your earflap.

The display shows the time elapsed, the speed with which you moved, the distance traveled, your pulse and the calories burned.

All in all, the exercise bike isn’t bad. If you train regularly, your work will bear fruit. To my mind, for a person who is only going to take up training and has no idea of what bycicle to choose, the Torneo Nova is an accessible model with an optimal set of functions for training and controlling the organism condition.

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