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Date: 2013-12-29

I didn’t expect at all that on Tenerife Island I would be amazed most not by the ocean with surrounding beauty and luxuriance of villas( though these are also very nice), but by the visit to volcano. At first, I even refused to go there, as I prefer quiet comfortable rest, and as for the volcano, it’s perfectly seen even from the bottom. Nevertheless, when I went there, it has become the strongest impression of my vacation.

If mentioned absolutely briefly, Teide volcano, height of 3718 meters, is the highest point of Spain, and the island Tenerife is itself volcanic one. The volcano is considered to have appeared about 150 thousand years ago, the last serious eruption happened about 300 years ago, and the last little “awakening” was in 1909. Now it is a touristic destination.

We drove to the volcano by the car, rented just here, on the island, though you may go there by tour bus. The road is rather winding, at first it passes by innumerous settlements, then by forest zone with local Canary island pine. As it rains a little here, pine grows in places, where clouds stay longer. In some places, you are really driving like through the fog. Since the road looks like quite narrow serpentine, it’s impossible to stop at any place, but occasionally you come across stops – mountain pockets, in which you can rest and take some photos.

The forest zone ends and there begins almost space-like landscape – hardened lava, stones of various hues and bare and very strange vegetation occurring here and there. All that is called National Las Cañadas del Teide Park, though generally speaking, it doesn’t particularly look like that. Once more you often come across spaces – stops with information boards about the volcano and the National park.

Strictly speaking, when you drove up to the volcano, more accurately, to the chair lift, we came across with the long queue of cars and buses parked there and with the same line up to the cashier’s desk. But the queue moved rather quickly, in 30 minutes we finally reached the cash desk. It will be fair to say that right there there is a café (and I even don’t mention the toilet), that is you don’t become tired while staying in the line. And on the whole, I liked the arrangement of the ascent to the volcano very much: nothing superfluous, but every detail is well-checked.

At that moment one ticket cost me 25 euros, and with them we went to the little booth of funicular. While waiting for landing we were offered to take some photos on the background of big picture of the volcano, as far as I’m concerned, it cost 5 euro. It seemed strange, but, probably there are some people, willing to do so, if there is an offer.

The little booth of funicular was filled quite densely. Those, who have already been here earlier, at once stood the way they could comfortably take photos. And the rest, me along with them, weren’t lucky in that sense. It’s splendid to climb up on the volcano, as cars left below gradually become tiny, clouds are running below, and around you there is simply stunning landscape.

It’s difficult to express the feeling when we went out from the funicular onto the observation desk. It is located on the height of 3, 5 thousand meters, and so to get closer to the crater, you should walk on foot 200 meters more. But you should have a special permission for that, it’s possible to draw it up, but we didn’t engage ourselves into that and were satisfied with the view from the observation desk.

The feeling was just like you’re staying on the top of the world: the clouds are running below you see the island, the ocean, the hardened lava. There is an expression “to blow away”, that’s just the case. You stand breathless and motionless, but aren’t afraid at all. So to transfer the feeling even a little bit, I captured small 30-seconds video, certainly watch it.

More for those, who have poor health
When we still stayed in the line for the tickets, we noticed that “Ambulance” is on its duty nearby. The ascent on such height in a rarefied air won’t just pass by to people with weak blood vessels that have problems with blood pressure etc. And as far as on the Canary Islands the majority of people on holiday consists of retirees, than “Ambulance”, is evidently worth.

Already above, being on the observation desk of the volcano, I noticed an elderly woman, which merely lay down onto the rocks to catch her breath. As for me (I’m also a bit in my early 50s), I felt I was hardly catching my breath, and I didn’t want to climb up above at all, but generally, I felt good.

All in all, I liked everything very much and I hope that I have managed to show at least part of my feelings on the photos.

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