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Category: Headphones
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Date: 2013-12-07

I’ve been hesitating what headphones to choose to replace the old ones for a long time. My home rodent has eaten them with great appetite. I needed the closed headphones, the monitor ones. I’ve looked over numerous models mostly relying on the characteristics mentioned on the manufacturers’ websites, but I’ve found nothing suitable within the acceptable price.

I’ve learnt about the Sennheiser brand from some people who are competent in this matter. But, as usual, I was hesitating and trying to choose something from the Sony, Coss and other brands. It’s needless to say that the type of headphones I wanted wasn’t available for me because of its price. So, I had to search for something more simple, and I’ve chosen the vacuum ones. They are not expensive but universal, they can be used both at home and when you are on the road.

I’ve been hesitating for some time before buying, as the packaging was blister, and such a good can’t be returned even if you didn’t like the sound. But all my doubts had disappeared when I turned on the player… First of all, the headphones have easily taken their place and they isolated me from the outer sounds as much as it was possible. Secondly, the music sounded so that I didn’t recognize the tracks from the first time, I had a feeling of listening to something new, even though all the playlists had been played for hundreds of times! I couldn’t imagine that such a tiny device could produce such a gorgeous sound.

Of course, there is a big disadvantage: I don’t know where to put my cheap loudspeakers, because I can’t use them for listening to music any more – I’ve tried something better.

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