“Glamour” means “charm”

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Date: 2013-12-23

I was presented this splendidly arranged set on my birthday. The bottle of Moschino Toujours Glamour perfumes, body lotion and shower gel. Firstly, I was embarrassed with the word “glamour”, as I am sure it’s not about me. I even thought whether to open the package or better to wait and later present this gift to someone.

I looked at the composition of the fragrance. Upper notes were: currants, viola and cardamom. Great, everything is fresh, aromatic with slight bitterness and meanwhile no “glamour”. Heart notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, and almond. Again everything I love. Core notes: heliotrope, benzine (this wood essential oil), musk. And once again “what doctor prescribed”.

I liked the composition so much, that finally I managed to look up the translation of French word “glamour”, as for some reason it is present in the name. It turns out that the translation of “glamour” means “fascination” or “charm”. Then it is clear.

Moschino Toujours Glamour fragrance is lighter, more summer-like variant of Moschino Glamour perfume, and is released not so long ago, in 2010. I can’t compare these two versions, as I’m not familiar with Moschino Glamour, but from now on I’ll surely try it.

In the fragrance I have I somehow can smell the lilac at once; perhaps it is the combination of violet with lily of the valley, which make such impression. On the whole, it has a wonderful odor, fresh, floral, without sweet sugary notes. On the contrary, it has a slight bitterness. Layer after layer are exposed, going into a warm plume. Elegant worthwhile aroma. It seemed to me that it’s not very long-lasting, but I don’t expect any special steadiness from perfumes.

I also liked the shower gel, it foams well, has the same gentle smell, which I use with great pleasure. And the lotion didn’t disappoint my expectations; it is of nice consistence, is applied well and is perfectly absorbed. All in all, it is a good addition to the perfume.

How great I did that I’ve kept this set for myself! When everything ends, I don’t think that the whole set will, but I’ll certainly buy perfumes for myself. In my case it’s just a direct hit.

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