Gillette shaving foam for sensitive skin

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Customer reviews: Gillette shaving foam for sensitive skin

Classical shaving foam, the best correlation of price and quality

Author: Pello     Date: 2013-12-29
Author´s opinion:
I have tried plenty of different shaving foams, gels aren’t to my liking, and there are less and less foams produced, by the highest standards maybe there will be gathered hardly a dozen and that’s all. And so no matter how beaten this would sound, but Gillette, which has set teeth on edge offers better products. If we judge exactly according to the correlation between price | quality. If only the price isn’t important for you, than of course shaving foam will be much better. But here it is this foam – the most chavtastic in a good sense of this word. If to shave once per two days, than the bottle lasts for 2 months. The ...