Shaving Foam Gillette Mach 3

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Customer reviews: Shaving Foam Gillette Mach 3

Foam that burns out your skin. Too much menthol.

Author: Kitrulz     Date: 2013-12-03
Author´s opinion:
I am a real fan of razors and all the other products by Gillette company. I don`t know why but it creates the best products. Especially I like their foams. If not to consider the pharmacy products by Avene which are extremely expensive, Gillette can be called one of the best products with available price. They are constantly producing something new that is why I buy any Gillette foam in the store. This time I did the same thing, but I was really disappointed with the foam I`ve bought. It is called Gillette Mach3. It has only one disadvantage which is extremely important. Judging by my feelings, the amount of menthol is ...