Galbo mini, Meiji Japanese chocolate

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Customer reviews: Galbo mini, Meiji Japanese chocolate

It’s a very exotic chocolate, both by taste and look

Author: Eric     Date: 2013-12-18
Author´s opinion:
This chocolate includes the Matcha tea, it’s just perfect as a present – it’s cheap and exclusive. The cover of these sweets is made of the Matcha tea which tones up as well as the coffee. If you eat one sweet, there won’t be any effect, but if you eat 10, you will definitively feel it. By the way, it’s even cheaper than a cup of bum coffee. The cover is more like a creamy one, it’s very buttery, but this tea is supposed to have exactly this taste. Traditionally, inside the sweets there is the porous milk chocolate with a classical taste that gradually turns into a cream. I mean, it actively melts in your mouth and you feel the ...