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Date: 2013-12-25

You can rarely find such a correspondence between a bottle and a scent. Three must be something very pure, fresh and simple inside this slim light-colored bottle. So it is indeed, perfume Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray is of a citrus fougere scents group, i. e. it is supposed to have a fresh and slightly sour fragrance in combination with rough woody notes.

Although this eau de parfum contains strong ambergris, musk, bergamot, oakmoss, jasmine, fennel and other even more strong notes besides light orange, green tea, rhubarb, citrus notes, they are left on sidelines. A scent can be described with only one word – freshness. Citrus fragrance blends with herbs, tea, slightly flowers aroma and bitter taste. It calls up an association with a cup of cold green tea with ice and lemon. “Coolness, pureness and energy”, as the producer of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea says.

The aroma is very simple, it even resembles shower gel. However this simplicity has its charm especially during a hot summer say, when other aromas are too much. A fresh and bitter aroma does not seem to be cheap. Contrary the impression of an expensive simplicity, as strong and self-confident women produce, women, who don’t need any bright colors and bows.

Maybe, the perfume has no special appeal. It appears to do for everyone. It is not bad, and a bottle of eau de parfum can be a good present. It is good when you find difficulty in choosing a perfume for summer. I have a feeling that this aroma will do for every age: for a young girl or her energetic mother or even for elegant grandmother.

Maybe this perfume will not become favorite or regular and is not good for winter. However it is useful to have a bottle of this perfume for hot summer days when you need some freshness and coolness. All the more it is not expensive, so you can afford it is another bottle on your dresser.

Another advantage of this perfume is its predictability. It smells equally everywhere: on a carpus, on a piece of paper, in a bottle. Everywhere it leaves an equal trail of scent. It doesn’t seem to be very stable, it smells only for3 or 4 hours, but it is enogh in summer. In general I like this scent, I recommend it for almost every woman.

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