Foam is so-so, a lot worse than Gillette

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Date: 2013-12-29

I was buying this shaving foam simply to try it, as I usually buy Gillette or if I have money than Avene. This time I didn’t really have money and wanted to try something new, and as a result I have Nivea’s shaving foam. Actually it has a high price, but in one range with Gillette I would say. It can’t be used for long, opposite to notorious Gillette, which is consumed very economically. Well, I don’t know under what pressure they pump the foam into their bottles, but it’s evidently higher than Nivea does it. This foam lasted within a month for me, as I shave once in to days, while Gillette lasts for two months if taking into account the package just like this. Nivea is essentially twice more expensive.

Well the most important property of foam is actually how nice it is to shave with it. And I shave badly using it, not to say too badly, but so-to-say not Ice. The gliding of the razor is odd, honestly speaking it scratches the skin, clutches at it, the foam quickly settles down, bubbles are large. And don’t pay attention to all sorts of inscriptions like ProGlide and for sensitive skin and other nonsense, these are merely marketing tags for decorating the bottle, nothing more, of course IMHO. On the whole I will hardly buy such a foam next time, as I didn’t save any money, wasn’t pleased and don’t recommend it.

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