Cuisinart CPC-600 multicooker

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Customer reviews: Cuisinart CPC-600 multicooker

A universal solution to spare the time

Author: Maddd     Date: 2013-12-14
Author´s opinion:
I was buying a pressure-cooker as a gift to my wife, but my purchase can also be called a multi cooker. It’s an American brand that isn’t sold anywhere else. It’s produced in China, of course. I can compare it with the Chinese multi cooker Redmond and the Japanese Panasonic. I would like to pay your attention mostly to its quality. The Japanese Panasonic is qualitatively installed, without any gaps and rough spots, however, the construction itself is weak, the cover of the bowl is very fragile, it can be quickly and easily scratched. All their goods are of a high quality, but too tender and you don’t feel safe with ...