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Date: 2013-12-23

I was always skeptical as for different trendy things, and I usually try to avoid them and to use only time-approved goods. I often used to pass by crocs, but didn’t consider them to be worth my attention. Recently, I needed rubber boots to walk in a forest, and the cost of normal rubber boots of good quality was about 70-80$.And that’s where I remembered about crocs, there was a branded department, the price of crocs turned out to be exactly the same. So I have chosen them after trying on for three reasons. First of all, they are very light. These high (knee-high) boots weigh less than my summer sandals, it’s wonderful, and it is easy and nice to wear them. Secondly, I can smell high-quality rubber or plastic unlike common rubber boots that honestly speaking stink of cheap rubber. Thirdly, crocs are stated to be air-permeable material, in common rubber boots legs will sweat.

Today I’ve tried crocs out, the whole day I was walking into pools, dirt and simply in the forest where there are many grass and uneven ground. Finally, I was completely satisfied with crocs.
At first I’ll list their advantages:
– Of course legs sweat in them, but not more than in common footwear. I have classical summer shoes for men; the leg sweats the same way while wearing them.
– They are not waterproof at all, as I walked through pools and legs stay dry.
– They glide in wet grass no more than ordinary boots. This is an advantage as common rubber boots glide very well.
– They are very light, and this is the main advantage, as they are unbelievably light and it’s very convenient to wear them.
– They smell nice there is no chemical smell of cheap rubber in them.
– You can walk in them in rather cool weather, surely not in snow, but almost till it snows. Legs shouldn’t freeze, as they have foamed rubber, which retains warmth.
– Crocs may be decorated, please note the opening on the 4th photo, you can fix in Jibbitz – so-called different accessories made especially for crocs. Children and teenagers will precisely be glad to see such accessory.
– They are produced in China and in other countries as well, but I got just Chinese version, and I don’t like Chinese goods, so for me it’s a drawback.
And now drawbacks:
– They practically don’t bend. Plain rubber in classical rubber boots bends easily, as it is not foamed, while in crocs it doesn’t bend. It’s not comfortable to drive in them.
– The last is not the most convenient, and you can’t say it is bad as well; it is rather normal, but far from being good or perfect.
On the whole, I’m very much pleased with the purchase. I think durability of wearing will also be on a high level. I can calmly recommend them to everyone, as it is a perfect replacement of classical rubber boots.

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