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Date: 2013-12-18

It’s not a bad keyboard. I’ve been looking for something that could be used in the dark. Even though I’ve mastered the blind typing, I feel more comfortable when I can occasionally look at the keys. Besides, it looks quite smart.

Like my previous keyboard (the KLS-7MU X-Slim Keyboard) this one has a nice and quiet key travel. I hope the keys won’t get shattered with the course of time. It has become a serious fault of the KLS-7MU and after 2-3 years of exploitation the keyboard was like a rattle. We’ll see, but the Backspace and Enter keys hint that it will be so.

The backlight switch is not so convenient, as you need something sharp to turn it on (a nail, a toothpick, a screwdriver), as you can’t do it just with a finger. The backlight is even and mild, it doesn’t blare and your eyes don’t get tired. The backlight and its colour intensity isn’t regulated, there are only two positions: with or without the backlight. At noon (when the backlight is off) yoy can see the letters as well as on the ordinary keyboards.

Though the key layout is standard, but you have a feeling that the keys are located closer to each other than they usually do. Moreover, the surface is absolutely smooth… All in all, there is a lot of things to get used to.

The extra 11 keys which are designed to make the work on a computer easier are completely useless, to my mind. I used only two extra keys on my previous keyboard: the :Calculator” and the “Mute”. On this keyboard there is no “Calculator”. Some extra keys make an unpleasant click when you don’t press them in the center.

All things considered, the keyboard is good,moreover, for the money it is sold. It’s easy to buy, nice to use and you won’t feel sorry to throw it out if something happens to it.

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