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Date: 2013-12-07

My wife can hardly work at the classical flat table because of her health problems, and we don’t have enough money to order the special furniture, it would cost about 500$ with the delivery and installation. That’s why we have been looking for a special keyboard tray that can be regulated the way we’d like. We bought it at the Amazon, it cost 500$, but there was more than 50%discount and we paid about 230-240$ for it + delivery which is nearly half the price of the table we ordered.

A couple of weeks later we received the tray which weighed more than 10 kg. I was very surprised when I unpacked it and made sure that it was completely made of the thick metal. It could be an advantage for other goods, but not for a tray, I’ll explain the reason later. The equipment was complete, all the fasteners were in the set, the tray was completely disassembled. The production quality itself is high, I mean the installation and the precision of the fitting parts. However, the ready product didn’t reveal its basic characteristics in due measure.

First of all, I’d like to mention that there was an instruction applied to the tray. It was one A4 sheet of paper on which you could see an unclear scheme that showed how to install it without any written explanations. I would add at least one more paper with the instructions, because it took me 2 days to install the tray. It turned out that, in order to bend the iron stick of the tray you have to bend one of the details in a particular way. If you fail to do it, the stick won’t straighten up and you simply won’t be able to insert it into the slots. But that’s OK, after two days of brainstorming I managed to understand it, but it’s a pity that the manufacturer didn’t bother to mention this aspect anywhere – neither on their site, nor in the instruction, whereas this solution is not evident at all and it’s not an intuitively clear one. Besides, it’s impossible to put the stick in a necessary position just by physical force – the spring is so tight that even I, a strong man, couldn’t straighten it.

So, let’s move on. The part of the tray which is fixed under the table supports the basic part when it is moving. There are screws in the set to fix it under the table. To my mind, they won’t last long, if you take into account the weight of this tray, the keyboard, the mouse and the user’s hands. I think it will eventually tear the screws up from the chipboard. Imagine how this ugly iron is falling on your feet, you will definitively get injured. Thereby, to fortify the binding, I’ve bought 4 bolts, nuts and shims. I installed them and this way I made the construction safer. I had to drill the table through, so, it looks unattractive, but, on the other hand, now I’m sure that this tray is really safe.

Afterwards, we started using our purchase. The tray can be widely regulated. You can estimate the height limit on photos 6 and 7, these are the lower and the higher positions respectively. Also, the tray is pushed inside the table and it is pulled out for quite a long distance. You can see it completely pushed in on photo 1 and completely pulled out on photo 6. It’s impossible to move the tray under the table completely. The mouse tray is also regulated by its height, however, it will be higher than the keyboard tray anyway, which means that it can be either a bit higher or much higher than the keyboard. You can’t put them at the same level, I don’t know why. I need to put it at the same level, as we’ve got used to working this way, and it is normal for the majority of people. However, you can’t arrange it with this tray.

You can regulate the angleof inclination separately from the keyboard tray, there is a special handle for this purpose, look at picture 10. It’s a major problem, look at photo 9 and 11, these are the extreme positions of the tray, it can either stand still regarding the floor or bend as it’s shown at the photo 11, a bend to the other side is impossible. But the user needs to bend this tray towards himself in order to put his hands on the keyboard in a natural way, however, it’s impossible to do. It’s an unforgivable ergonomic blunder, I can’t imagine how they could design the tray and make the wrong band. I’m sure this is the manufacturer’s fault, because the bland towards the table is useless, isn’t it?

Later we had some more problems. My wife had been working with this tray for several days and said that it was shaking. I tried it myself and made sure that it was really so. When she is typing on the keyboard the tray is shaking when she’s striking on the keyboard with her fingertips.It happens because it’s very heavy and the lever which fixes it is very long, that’s why it is shaking, so, you can’t work on it in such conditions. The tray shakes so violently that the table to which it is fixed rocks as well. As a result, the monitor shakes too. It’s extremely inconvenient to work when the monitor is “moving” before your eyes.

Thus in a couple of weeks I had to dismantle this tray and to admit that we’d wasted 270$. So, we will have to order a special comfortable table eventually. I don’t recommend this tray. I don’t know anything about the quality of the other products of the Fellowes company, but this one is very crude. It’s an American brand, but the product is assembled in China. I’d like to mention that I have no complaints about the quality of the good, it’s high, I don’t like the way this tray functions. Now it would be very hard to sell. Shame on you, dear developers from the Fellowes!

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