It’s a cheap vacuum cleaner in all respects, the quality is mediocre

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Date: 2013-12-07

I’ve bought this vacuum cleaner recently, I wanted exactly the one without a dust bag. In this vacuum cleaner the dust gathers into a container that you can easily clean later, like a glass. Then you should put the dust in the bin and that’s all. I received exactly what I wanted, I have no claims. I used to have an expensive vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT and it was a water one. I had to wash the dust bag for 20 minutes and in general all this water manipulations used to take up half an hour more, it even occurred to vacuum for 15 minutes and to trifle with the vacuum cleaner for 30 minutes. I was fed up with it and I wanted a more simple construction. However, I wasn’t eager to return to the classical cleaners with dust bags (even one-offs) for various reasons. First of all, the models of the cleaners become out of date quickly and you won’t find a suitable dust bag later. What is more, the cleaning quality decreases as the dust bag is filled up. I didn’t want to control how full it was, and the indicators on the vacuum cleaners often fail to reveal it, as the reality shows. I’ve found a solution – a cyclone vacuum cleaner. They are like the water cleaners, but without water.

This copy of Sumsung is maybe the cheapest representative of the cyclone vacuum cleaner group. Its price was 90$ when I bought it. This cleaner is light, and it’s a great advantage. It’s very easy to install, the construction is simple, on the photo you can see each element of the cleaner in details. In the set there is a couple of extra nozzles that no one uses, all in all, there is nothing special. The filter consists of two parts: one part looks like a blue plastic sponge, it detains large litter; the other side is a thin white gasket for the tiny particles. The hose is flexible, it is made of cheap plastic, and after 3-4 months of work (I only vacuum once a week) the hose has numerous bands and I think we’ll get the first fractures by the end of the first year of its work. So, we were so thrifty that it affected the main quality of the good. The brush has 2 working positions: for the carpets and for hard surfaces. The whole vacuum cleaner is made of the cheapest plastic and after 3 months of work it looks like the cleaner that I used to have in my childhood (it worked zealously for 20 years). My new cleaner is now covered with scratches and cleavages, even though I use it quite carefully like the majority of ordinary users. Behind there is one more filter for exhaust air, it is made of coarsely porous rubber.

The suction power is decent (1600 watt), it’s enough for me, I even collected small debris with it after the renovation. The cable is automatically retracted, but after 3-4 months of using the mechanism lost its retraction force by about 50%, that’s why now I have to help the cleaner with my hands, which is another proof of the low quality of the hardware applied. It has absolutely no regulations, only the power and the cable retraction buttons.

Don’t flatter yourself about the filters, the tiny dust always gets out. Only the NERA or the water filters can help you to avoid it, but they are not applied to this cleaner, because it’s another price category.If you have small children or people suffering from allergies in your home, you shouldn’t buy this vacuum cleaner, but it’s quite suitable for the healthy people.

It’s not bad as the first cyclone cleaner to try. You can take it in order to understand if you like cyclone cleaners or not. If you treat it very carefully, it will probably serve you for 2 or 3 years. In my opinion, it’s an acceptable validity for its 90$. If you are quite a wealthy person, I recommend you to take the top models at once, e.g. the Dyson, it’s just another level of quality. The Samsung Airtrack SC4325 is suitable for more needy people or for those who prefer saving their money.

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