Chanel №5 Eau Premiere perfume

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I fell in love with “Chanel” in it

Author: Blogofrogga     Date: 2013-12-29
Author´s opinion:
Chanel’s “Premiere” aroma can’t be called a brand-new thing, but in it I in particular finally understood and fell in love with legendary “Chanel №5”. Before that I conscientiously tried to comprehend that a few times – why still “the 5th” has already been produced for so many years, and women use the scent one generation after the other. It seemed too severe, too pungent, and not very feminine. But everything changed when I tried Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere. It is lighter, non-choking, with clearer powdery notes, but yet it is Chanel №5. If for me classical “the 5th” is presented by woolen black suit, fastened up to the ...