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An aroma for a change or when the mood is on you

Author: Marynap1y     Date: 2013-12-25
Author´s opinion:
I don’t like flower fragrances very much, to say nothing of fruit ones. That’s why I was not going to buy this perfume. However my friend made a big purchase at Amazon.com, toilet water Celine Dion Sensational was at a discount of about 70%. The shipping was free of charge, so it would be a sin to miss this opportunity. By the way, there was a hope that this fragrance would do to me. Though there are fruit top notes (plum, pear, apple), on the other hand sandalwood, musk and ambergris notes are present, and that is what I like. And jasmine, lily of the valley and gave hopes that the odour would not be so heavy and ...