CCTV images released of suspects fight started Oxford Circus

Proud Warrior Race Guy: Forerunner Warrior Servants, especially the Didact. Pyrrhic Victory: This seem to be a major theme of Halo series. The humans and the San’Shyuum successfully pushed the Flood out of the galaxy but their empire was too exhausted to resist the Forerunners’ assaults. CCTV images released of suspects fight started Oxford Circus terror attack panic /react text >Police have released CCTV images of two men believed to have been involved in a fight that triggered a mass panic at Oxford Circus. Now the initial panic has been traced back to an on a platform at the station and police are hunting two people they think may have been involved. Among the dozens of people who attended the march in Hampstead, north London, was actress Emma Thompson who came to show her support despite suffering from pneumonia.

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