Boneco S150 steam air moisturizer

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Customer reviews: Boneco S150 steam air moisturizer

A very good moisturizer for very reasonable money

Author: Fat_Tony     Date: 2013-12-18
Author´s opinion:
In winter, and not only in winter, the air is often too dry, and a human being needs about 60% RH for normal life. For instance, my eyes suffer from extra dryness, and if nothing is done, the consequences can be very unpleasant. In general, the moisturizers are divided into 3 types: ultrasonic, tympanic (natural evaporation) and steam. The ultrasonic ones are very economical, they spray the water with the help of ultrasound that a human ear cannot hear. However, they don’t save you from the bacteria that live in the water. You’ll have to change it every day and to dothe antibacterial cleaning of the moisturizer ...