How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture


How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

One of the most effective active ingredients in anti-cellulite programs is – caffeine. It stimulates fat splitting, makes blood circulation in skin more active, and makes it flexible and elastic. For those who do creaming and buy ingredients in specialized online stores, it won’t be difficult to make very effective anti-cellulite gel with caffeine. For all the rest, who are far from secrets of making cosmetics at home I recommend to make none less effective anti-cellulite coffee mixture.

You´ll need

  • Ground coffee – 3 tbsp
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp
  • Olive oil – 6 tbsp
  • Essential oil of orange – 10 drops


  • How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

    Mix sugar and ground coffee.

  • How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

    We add olive oil to them.

  • How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

    Mix everything well, we should get homogeneous, not liquid mass, which easily spreads all over the skin. Sugar moisturizes skin, coffee provides it with caffeine, olive oil – with A and E vitamins. Coffee and sugar are also perfect abrasive components, cleaning the skin from old, dead cells of epidermis.

  • How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

    So that the mixture would be more effective, we add essential oil of sweet orange. This oil not only possesses the strongest anti-cellulite properties, but also combines well with scent of coffee.

  • How to make anti-cellulite coffee mixture

    You should apply the coffee mixture to body that is pre-heated in a hot shower. Having done light massage (which allows removing dead cells of skin and increases blood circulation at the same time, improving penetration into skin of active components), we distribute the coffee mixture to problematic body areas, cover it with food film. Now what is left is to lay for 30-40 minutes, wrapped into warm blanket, all the rest will be done by caffeine.


  • Anti-cellulite coffee mixture doesn’t cause any discomfort of skin.
  • In order to achieve the fastest result you should regularly do such coffee wrappings (2-3 times a week).
  • Healthy diet and physical exercises must fill up anti-cellulite procedures.

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  1. Irina 18 June 2014 :

    I have heard a lot about coffee scrubs but I didn`t think that this mixture can be helpful in struggle against cellulite. Is there anyone who tried this method?

  2. Esty 15 July 2014 :

    I have tried to use coffee while making anti-cellulite wrappings and I have noticed no result except the fact that my skin was brown for a long time after the procedure.

  3. viki 16 July 2014 :

    Coffee and sugar which are massaged into skin are accelerating blood circulation and can be really helpful. I have made a course of such procedures at home and I am satisfied with the result.

  4. Greta 09 August 2014 :

    I like the fact that you can make any cosmetic product you want. There is no need in paying more for the procedures in salon.

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