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Date: 2013-12-25

I don’t like flower fragrances very much, to say nothing of fruit ones. That’s why I was not going to buy this perfume. However my friend made a big purchase at, toilet water Celine Dion Sensational was at a discount of about 70%. The shipping was free of charge, so it would be a sin to miss this opportunity.

By the way, there was a hope that this fragrance would do to me. Though there are fruit top notes (plum, pear, apple), on the other hand sandalwood, musk and ambergris notes are present, and that is what I like. And jasmine, lily of the valley and gave hopes that the odour would not be so heavy and sweet.

Unfortunately, toilet water has disappointed me starting from somewhat rough bottle and finishing with an indistinct aroma. There was a faint feminine flower scent just as I tried a perfume for the first time. To say the truth, it was very simple and “straightforward”. There was no feeling that fragrances uncover themselves little by little. It is sooner a daytime, vigorous and fresh fragrance than evening one. It is more likely to be a summer fragrance than winter one.

When I put scent on myself thoroughly for trying I felt it annoyed me with something I couldn’t discern. It not totally fruit, but the mixture is rather strange. I couldn’t guess what was so sensational in it and put it away.

Cutting a long story short, maybe I will use this toilet water. However it will never become my favorite, even a regular one. It is not a big deal as I have bought it only for $15. One more advantage – the scent is rather permanent, I felt it for 8 or 10 hours.

In general, this toilet water will do for fruit and flower fragrances lovers. However you should try it before making a purchase.

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