A4tech KD-800L keyboard

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Customer reviews: A4tech KD-800L keyboard

A convenient keyboard, but you have to get used to it

Author: Glitche     Date: 2013-12-18
Author´s opinion:
It’s not a bad keyboard. I’ve been looking for something that could be used in the dark. Even though I’ve mastered the blind typing, I feel more comfortable when I can occasionally look at the keys. Besides, it looks quite smart. Like my previous keyboard (the KLS-7MU X-Slim Keyboard) this one has a nice and quiet key travel. I hope the keys won’t get shattered with the course of time. It has become a serious fault of the KLS-7MU and after 2-3 years of exploitation the keyboard was like a rattle. We’ll see, but the Backspace and Enter keys hint that it will be so. The backlight switch is not so convenient, as you need ...