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Date: 2013-12-18

In winter, and not only in winter, the air is often too dry, and a human being needs about 60% RH for normal life. For instance, my eyes suffer from extra dryness, and if nothing is done, the consequences can be very unpleasant. In general, the moisturizers are divided into 3 types: ultrasonic, tympanic (natural evaporation) and steam.

The ultrasonic ones are very economical, they spray the water with the help of ultrasound that a human ear cannot hear. However, they don’t save you from the bacteria that live in the water. You’ll have to change it every day and to dothe antibacterial cleaning of the moisturizer once a week despite the regular water change. If you neglect these regular, but annoying manipulations, you risk to get lung diseases. It happened to me one day because of the water moisturizer. Afterwards, I had to treat this disease for a long time and then I refused to use ultrasonic moisturizers in the future.
Nowadays, the most widely spread moistening type is the natural one. The marketers have come up with many names of this technology, but this moistening type is more often called a tympanic one, but, in simple words, there are circles (or discs) that absorb the water inside the moisturizer. There are many of such discs, e.g. 20, they spin like on the mill, a small ventilator blows the evaporated moisture out of them. There are models without ventilator, in this case the moisture evaporates naturally. Their efficiency is low, but there are no energy losses, so, the economy is extremely high. They work the best when standing on the windowsill on the sunny side. If the sunlight reaches them, they heat and the evaporation process accelerates. It is said that they protect the room from extra moistening. It means that they won’t give more moisture than needed. Indeed they will give less than you need, I repeat that the efficiency is poor. Wherein, such moisturizers have the same problems as the ultrasonic ones: the water blooms, the bacteria multiply and you have to clean it with a special cleanser regularly. Believe me –you will be fed up with it soon, but if it isn’t done, you risk to catch a lung disease because of bacteria that get into the air. Don’t believe those marketing tricks promising that the discs are impregnated with a wonderful silver compound which prevents the multiplication of bacteria. It’s not true, because in order to prevent it, each detail that is in touch with water should be completely silver. But even in this case there won’t be 100% guarantee all the same.

That is why I chose a steam moisturizer. Their selection isn’t large, as people buy the munwillingly because of the high electricity consumption. I think the principle of a steam (hot steam) moisturizer is familiar to everyone. It works like a usual steam kettle: there is a metal slab on the bottom, and this slab heats, the water boils, and the steam rises through a special canal and gets out, moistening the air. There is only one disadvantage of this system – the high electric power consumption.

It’s already my second steam moisturizer, I was buying it for the small room where I work the whole day. It copes with moistening of 15 square meters. But of course, it is mentioned that it will moisten 80 square meters as well, but I think it is just impossible. In my opinion, 30 square meters is its limit. It increases the humidity from 30-35% to 60-70% in a few hours, it quite suits me. I use it in the economical mode, this way it doesn’t make any noise, and if you turn it on at full power, the noise will be loud like from a boiling kettle. It will definitively disturb you when working. Speaking about the modes, there are only two of them: the full and the economical power. This model also has a volume for a flavor enhancer, so, you can both flavor your room and make inhalations if you’ve caught a cold. You can be 100% sure that no bacteria will survive, because there is always some boiling water inside, so, you can make your inhalations safely. Also this model includes a bulb that prevents the formation of a calcium plaque. But the bulb doesn’t help, the plaque emerges all the same, even though I only use the water cleaned with the reverse osmosis filter, which makes the water maximum clean to drink. But the manufacturer envisaged it and warns about this fact. You have to clean the moisturizer once a month with a special CalcOff cleanser, it’s like those cleansers for the mashing machines, and it is sold in every shop. Actually, you pour it inside the moisturizer and it will work for some time, after that you should pour it all out and wash the moisturizer, the calcium plaque will disappear.

The installation quality leaves much to be desired. The gaps are uneven, they even diverge in some places, the cover is not tightly closed, everything creaks, but still, the moisturizer works regularly. I’ve made this purchase consciously, I understood that nothing could fail in it and that’s why I’ve taken the cheapest one, as I wasn’t going to admire the installation quality and the design beauty. I only wanted to have my room moistened. All things considered, I would recommend this model as a perfect one in the price and quality proportion. Don’t care about the installation faults, as it doesn’t influence the moisturizer’s quality at all. Ultimately, it’s not a smartphone that needs absolute precision, in fact, it’s just an ordinary kettle.

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