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Date: 2013-12-14

I was buying a pressure-cooker as a gift to my wife, but my purchase can also be called a multi cooker. It’s an American brand that isn’t sold anywhere else. It’s produced in China, of course. I can compare it with the Chinese multi cooker Redmond and the Japanese Panasonic.

I would like to pay your attention mostly to its quality. The Japanese Panasonic is qualitatively installed, without any gaps and rough spots, however, the construction itself is weak, the cover of the bowl is very fragile, it can be quickly and easily scratched. All their goods are of a high quality, but too tender and you don’t feel safe with them. The Chinese Redmond is installed pretty poorly, there are gaps and small distortions, but we didn’t use it, we only observed. We used Panasonic and we have no claims about its work.

The Cuisinart has a heavy metal construction. It makes you feel safe and it is evident that the manufacturer didn’t spare on the quantity of the materials. However, the installation is truly Chinese, there are gaps, distortions (and even considerable ones in some places), theycan be seen with a naked eye. On the top there is a pressure relief valve which isn’t fixed. I’ve been searching for the way to mend it for a long time until I understood that it should be the way it was. The control buttonsare at the front panel. There are few modes: low pressure cooking, high pressure cooking, the fry-up, frying in oil (the fryer function), low temperature cooking (the simmer mode), the mode of keeping the food warm.

Actually, you just choose the mode, the time and press the “Start” button, there is nothing easier. I think there is no need to describe each mode, because each housewife can understand what they mean by their names. I would only like to tell more about the simmer mode. Verbatim it means “cooking on low heat”. It’s a multi cooker mode that the majority of multi cooers use when you cook at a low temperature. This way, you definitively won’t have your meals boiled out and so on. It’s nearly impossible to overcook the meals, too. And of course, this mode preserves the biggest quantity of vitamins, as you don’t bring your meals to boil. The machine works safely, nothing breaks down in it, because the equipment is very simple.

In general, we are happy with our purchase. We can prepare absolutely every dish in it, including the soup cooking, which is very important for us. Wherein, my wife doesn’t have to stand at the stove and not to let the meals “escape” or burn. If you have a multi cooker, such troubles will never happen.

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