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Date: 2013-12-11

I cannot imagine how I could live without mouthwash. Tooth brushing cannot help you to get rid of bad breath within an hour of brushing. At least I have got such a problem, though all my caries has been cured. That’s why I use mouthwash. Fresh breath remains for the period from 3 to 6 hours, depending on a kind of mouthwash.

Paradontax mouthwash isn’t very bright. A flavor remains only for 3 or 4 hours. However it has a nice taste, which is uncommon among many kinds of mouthwash. Usually taste of mouthwash makes me cry. This mouthwash has a tolerable, moderately sweet taste. It isn’t bitter, sour, doesn’t burn in the mouth. Another advantage of this mouthwash is its nice flavor.

The price for the mouthwash is also an advantage. It costs $4 for 500 ml, which is quite cheap. It has one more advantage of being a product of a big pharmaceutical company. The cup is performed as a handy dosing unit. It says that the mouthwash prevents dental calculus. Fortunately, I cannot confirm this supposition, as everyone who brushes his teeth twice a day simply doesn’t face dental calculus. But I consider a producer’s statement about ability of mouthwash to fight bacteria for 12 hours as an exaggeration. Well, I agree with 3 hours; at least I’ve got this situation.

To be brief, I recommend this mouthwash as a rather inexpensive option. If you are not hard up for money, you can find something better.

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