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Date: 2013-12-23

An interesting incident happened with me and this scent. I have felt a scent of my co-worker. It was a faint scent of something warm and cosy but light and very pleasant at the same time. I’ve asked her about her perfume. It appeared that Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers had such a pleasant aroma.

In some time I accidentally bought this perfume. I was really interested: I have walked through sunflowers fields many times and couldn’t remember their smell. Of course wormed-up ground smells, grass smells and it is possible to create an aroma, which creates associations with a sunflowers field in afternoon. I wanted those associations very mush; as they say, we don’t buy a good, but emotions.
However it didn’t happen in my case. The first impression after opening a bottle is a suffocating ambient sweet smell of everything except a sunflower field in afternoon. I’ve read about Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers EDT in Internet. Top notes are: orange, melon, tangerine, peach, bergamot, rosewood, citrus. Middle notes are: iris, cyclamen, osmanthus, jasmine, rose. Basic notes are: sandal, ambergris, musk, Lebanon cedar, oakmoss.

I understood what happened with this scent and me. My co-worker smelled like basic notes of iris, rose, oakmoss, maybe sandal and ambergris, my favorite notes. Everything appeared to be very pleasant and warm. And when you use this perfume, it “strikes” with melon, peach and other fruits fragrances. I don’t like fruits fragrances in perfumes at all.

At the same time it grieved me to get rid of the eau de parfum, so I decided to perfume another experiment. I sprayed some perfume on my blouse and left it to hang on the peg. Top notes must disappear quickly and the scent I like will leave. The experiment was successful. A pleasant warm aroma has left on my blouse. In general that’s how I use this bottle, but I won’t buy these Sunflowers again.
They began to produce this perfume in 1993 and I have read that this scent was stunning, but today there are many imitations now. Imitations usually smell simply, uncover themselves very quickly, but eau de parfum I’ve bought uncovers gradually with those fragrances that have to be. It is just not my scent, however many people like it.

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