What call forth dry skin

Attractive young womanWhat factors influence our skin?

Our skin is a special gift which we must appreciate. We should take care of it during our lifetime. The most significant problem is the problem of dry skin. Various factors may influence and cause this problem by affecting the top layer of epidermis- stratum corneum, which serves as a shield for our skin. It helps to keep water and oil in the layers of skin. Dried skin has a number of physiological manifestations such as itching, redness and exfoliation.So we must find out all the reasons which can cause dry skin.


With age our skin becomes dryer and it can be explained by the fact that epidermis layer wears out with age and becomes thinner. This process is natural because any person who achieves the age of 60 years has dry skin.

Weather and climate conditions

Weather is a factor which causes dry skin. Especially when it is windy we easily become weather beaten and the skin has a cracky condition. When the climate has a low humidity it can also provoke this problem. We can`t forget about heat which dries out our skin by means of sunlight. Winter is a very dangerous season because cold winds are blowing and your skin is very exposed to chapping. So as we see climate can influence our skin greatly and provoke premature skin aging.

Water effect

You may be surprised but water can dry out our skin. It can be easily explained by the fact that water absorbs all the skin oils and that is really harmful. The hotter the water and the more time you spend in contact with it, the more skin oil is lost.

Just as well as water, different soaps are harmful for your skin. But if to choose between solid and liquid soaps, liquid soap is more preferable because it helps to moisturize the skin. Of course, the level of moistening is not high but anyway it is at least a bit better.

Impact of medicines and diseases

It is not a well-known fact but medicines can also cause your skin dryness. It happens because some medicaments can dry out the water supply of the stratum corneum. Especially diuretics and cholesterol medicines may lead to this. Sometimes the stratum corneum may become even porous.

We must know some diseases which can lead to this problem. They are: psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, kidney disease. Of course lack of vitamins in the organism can also affect your skin and your health in general. Vitamins raise the immunity and helps to activate the body defenses.

Dry skin should be cured otherwise it will cause complications which are harder to be cured.

So we must remember that if we want to have good appearance and be happy we must be healthy.

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