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Date: 2013-11-21

Constructing computer for me I was choosing a hard disk long time, I didn’t want to spend money on SSD, but then I just decided to buy SSD. I was also choosing among them quite long and finally I understood that cheapest is the dearest and bought one of the top-class for that moment Vertex 4 models. Of course 256GBs is a little, but it disciplines, there is nothing superfluous, no rubbish. And for keeping movies and music there is an external screw on 3 TB.

Now directly speaking about this screw, form factor 2.5, I had to put an adapter. The package is by the way sound, the disk is covered with dense porous plastic, it surely won’t get damaged while transportation. I read a lot about glitches of insertion of these screws. And at once I’d like to tell that if you have bought it, you should renovate the insertion as soon as you can and only after that you should put all your belongings there, because at the moment of insertion updating all the information may be lost. I didn’t have to renovate, the version turned out to be the newest. I couldn’t get used to lack of classical cracking like with HDD disks for a long time, now only cooler produces sounds in my computer and which isn’t heard, because silent model is installed.
The main point is – the speed of this SSD disk in comparison with any HDD is just fantastic. To be honest I didn’t expect that, there were no such disks earlier, so I expected that after installation I’ll start some benchmark and I’ll check its productivity, and I’ll see that it is really fast. However, thoughts about benchmark were gone until after I started Windows, it started in 2-4 seconds ab initio, this was a shock. My previous computer was also rather fast, but starting Windows from scratch took me on average 30 seconds. Next turn were my programs, the running of all my work programs like Office, Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Premiere and others began much faster, literally speaking an order of magnitude more. As a result, my labor productivity has noticeably increased, and simply it has become more convenient for me to work; now I don’t waste time on waiting for any programs, everything works almost instantly. Work in some programs has also quickened, I work a lot with graphics, very heavy photos – up to a hundred MBs each. Processing speed and other actions in programs have also increased, not 10 times as the speed of their running but 2-3 times, which is also very well seen and has strongly increased the speed of my work in general.

And of course some words about games. Now there are no lags, twitches and other dirt in the most interesting moments, when the load on computer is maximum, now it is working clearly and flowing. SSD in games plays not the last role. I’d give it a second place after a video card, and the processor only on the third place. Especially this SSD has been working for many months without any problems and complaints. My next disk will be only next model of Vertex.

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