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Date: 2013-11-25

I love bathing and different soaps. Sometimes I buy soap& perfumes in one, as they smell better and are softer than simple soaps. Without any exaggeration I’d say that I’ve tried almost all kinds and brands of soap & perfume in my town.

For years Maja is known among lovers of soap & perfume in one. But actually it took me much time to find it. As I see it, the design of the package that used to have woman on it is transformed and I can’t but say that it has become much simpler. I belong to those who love simple things and appreciate great quality. As for the soap I’d give it my appreciation because it possesses nice and sexy smell, and is great for skin. The scent consists of patchouli, nutmeg, carnation, rose and geranium. To my mind the scent was creatively transformed and some notes of chypre were replaced by other ingredients. But whatever :)

On the one hand, I really adore the product for its natural flavors and name ( Maja for beautiful woman). But on the other hand, I hate that it isn’t sold everywhere and that I have to buy it online. It costs 11$ and isn’t sold in stores where I live. That’s the main point I won’t buy it next time. I’m not very much used to shopping online as I live in a remote location and have to wait till product reaches me.

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