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Medication:   Pin-X Chewable Tablets
Category:   Gastrointestinal
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Date: 2013-11-28

Unfortunately, we all tend to have different problems with health. Pinworms can be one of them. Recently my nephew has brought it to my house from his kindergarten. Of course I was upset as I was asked to take care of him while his parents had gone on a trip couple of weeks before. So at the very first day I noticed the symptoms (his skin was irritated and red, he had itching etc.) I went to my local drugstore and bought these chewable pills.

Producers claim that this medicine removes pinworms inside the body and quickly eliminates pinworm eggs as well. I suspected that the product wasn’t made for children but for adults. As before I gave it to Max I tried it myself and it turned out to be very medicine taste (bitter one). Anyway, luckily, my boy’s health condition improved within two and a half days as the itching disappeared. In 4 days he recovered completely. The makers also confirm that it should be used by adults also (by all members of the family in contact with infected one). Here I agree as though being very effective, it still doesn’t have very pleasant taste (there are no orange flavored pills as promised).

All in all, I saw both advantages and disadvantages of the remedy. The price is reasonable and the effect is great. But, I’ll recommend you to check it out if you don’t have to nasty children, or give it and than give your child some tasty sweet thing. Please don’t give him/her too many sweets as pinworms love sweet environment.

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  1. Pyrantel

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Prescription required Yes
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Alcohol tolerance Yes
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  1. Chewing tablet


  1. Penn Laboratories

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