How to do transplantation of house flowers


How to do transplantation of house flowers

I’ve received two house plants so-to-say as a “heritage”: geranium and begonia. They were planted into one-time pots containers and the state of flowers was quite bad. Geranium is dried up a bit, begonia is slightly rotted. I decided that they should be instantly transplanted. I bought earthenware pots without polish (I suppose that in such pots flowers breathe better), dug up a little soil and bought another universal neutral soil for flowers in store and began transplantation.

You´ll need

  • Flowers
  • Neutral store soil
  • Nature soil
  • Ceramic pots
  • Scissors
  • Spoon
  • Tank with water


  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    First of all, we’ll start with soil. Nature soil is cleaned from roots, twigs and any unnecessary rubbish and than placed into container. At once we add soil of neutral type purchased in store. We mix up all this (it’s better to be done with hands and in gloves) and we get homogeneous land mass.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    Now we are actually starting “reanimation” of flowers. And we exactly remove them, cutting dried-up leaves and flowers with scissors, as well as stems of geranium and rotten parts of begonia.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    We fill prepared soil to the half of ceramic pots (before this they should be washed), it may be a bit more, as everything depends on the size of flower and its roots. We make hollow in the middle of the pot of such size so that planted flower would go into it with its stem for more than a half and we water this hollow.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    Further we carefully take out the flower (for that you should water it a little so it would be easier to take out) from one-time container.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    Than we take the flower and delicately, holding the stem for its foundation plant it into the pot, into previously prepared earth hollow (don’t forget to water the soil in ceramic pot a little bit before planting). And here is the flower of geranium already in the pot.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    Later we add soil with a spoon into our flower planted in pot. This should also be done carefully so that no clods of soil would fall into leaves. You should add such amount of soil so that to fill the pot almost to the top. Than we even soil with our hands by basis around the flower and after that water it with about a cup of water.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    Now we clean begonia from faded or rotted stems and further the scheme of transplantation is just the same as with the previous flower – geranium.

  • How to do transplantation of house flowers

    And that’s all – geranium and begonia are transplanted into convenient place comfortable for them. I hope that they will please me and my family with their flowering in the future.


  • After transplantation you can water flowers with water where you add liquid flower fertilizer with trace elements. 8-10 drops for glass of water.
  • You should plant or transplant flowers only in period of growing moon.

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  1. anita 12 February 2014 :

    It is nothing difficult in this process but it takes quite a lot of time. Las time when I was doing the same thing, one of my flowers dies in a weak after transplantation. Why could it happen?

  2. Irina 16 February 2014 :

    Sometimes it happens. Maybe new ground didn`t suit it, and that is why it was not nourishing the flower as it did before.

  3. anita 20 April 2014 :

    The problem is that the ground was the same. I did everything just as I did previous times, so it was very strange.

  4. Fox 21 April 2014 :

    Well, maybe it was not enough oxygen in the new pot. I usually pierce the ground with a stick or a fork to provide access of oxygen into the ground.

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