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Date: 2013-11-13

I’ve recently felt a need of buying massage table as my wife’s back started aching again, as we have calculated the cost of massage service. So we decided that we will buy a normal massage table and I will myself do massage to her, as I have some experience, though I got tired too much with common bed and massage course made me fairly exhausted. And everything is because common bed has got unsuitable height at all, also you can’t go round it from any side, all the process is generally done only on one side accordingly, when you need to massage the opposite part of body, you have to reach for it and it’s by and large difficult.

We were choosing a massage table not long, we had only 2 main and 1 additional requirements.
1. The little table should obligatory be light and folding, so that it could be carried by one person without any problems.
2. The price should be as low as possible.
3 The quality should be acceptable.

Table by RestPro firm suited these criterions, which specializes in massage equipment. As the basis and legs of the table are made from aluminum – it is very light. We didn’t need all additional things like small cushions and insertions, but it turned out that you can’t buy any without them, so we had to take one with them. When I was placing an order for table, I knew that the maker is European firm that is you can’t have very bad quality in any case. I was hoping to get at least average quality for this money.

When they brought the table, I was surprised that it has such a sound package, it’s wrapped in black case, and very firm case by the way, the material is like solid gunny sack.

The assembly is very simple, precisely speaking you won’t have to construct anything. You only need to completely open the table and take out legs which are united with sturdy metal ropes. The legs are automatically straightened when you fully unfold the table.

Height of the table is regulated in rather wide range. The process of setting is very simple and doesn’t demand any skills or tools. Head holder is adjusted to a slope angle. Hand holder is not regulated. All the holders are easily taken out and put back the same. I also want to pay your attention to the fact that table doesn’t creak during the massage, which is important, that’s why I didn’t order wooden one as many people lose their temper very much. The stitching is of very high quality, everything is sewn evenly and doesn’t cause any claims. Underneath everything is also fastened by a staple gun, it’s done rather smoothly and professionally.

And now let’s get to negative points.
1. Holders for hands and head are put in slots and aren’t fixed in them; as a result, they hang loosely and don’t look safely. All the holders have bad chokes at the end of tubes. There we have common and the cheapest, hard plastic, which isn’t held up by notches, though it affects only its beauty but it isn’t pleasant.
2. The head holder has very unsafe sloping angle adjustment mechanism, just try to set it up couple of times and you will lose desire to touch it ever again, I think it’s better to be fixed in one position and not touched as it has too weak plastic.

Here all the negative points end. In general, I am very much satisfied with the purchase. The small table has much more advantages than drawbacks, especially taking into account its highly low price and light weight.

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  1. Elizabet 02 December 2013 :

    Well, massage table is a good solution for those who fond of massages. But the service of specialists is rather expensive nowadays, so a few years ago I`ve bought a massage table too. It is very comfortable because I can have a massage when it is comfortable for me.

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