Sage essential oil (Salvia officinalis)

Essential oil of a sage is obtained from  water and steam distillation of leaves of the plant (Salvia officinalis, Salvia sclarea) and inflorescences at the time of flowering. The harvested oil is very easy to apply, flying, fluid, with a pale yellowish-greenish shade or colorless. Aroma of essential oil is very saturated, cold, nut, spicy and camphor, wood and grassy.

Medical influence
– the antiseptic
– the anesthetizing
– the anti-depressive
– the antitraumatic
– the anti-inflammatory
– improves microcirculation and hemo dynamics
– stimulates synthesis of sexual hormones, normalizes a menstrual cycle
– promotes the lactation termination
– raises a potentiality
– it is used as healing cure for infectious skin diseases, abscesses, burns and frostbites, psoriasis, neurodermatitises.

Psychoemotional influence
Strengthens concentration, attention and improves memory. Eliminates weakness, apathy, adynamy, indifference and symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Cosmetic use
– strengthens hair
– eliminates dandruff
– it is applied to care of porous, problem skin
– eliminates abscesses, acne rash
– eliminates the excessive perspiration, an unpleasant smell of a body.

It is added to cosmetics production
– creams, tonics, problem, porous, fat skin lotions
– cosmetics for care of the dry, inflamed skin
– shampoos, balms for strengthening of hair and dandruff elimination
– means for care of an oral cavity
– deodorants
– repellents.

Other applications
It is used for production of repellents – repells insects; eliminates hypostasis, burning and reddening after stings of insects. It is applied to air aromatization in a ban or in a sauna. Disinfects air in rooms and as an anti-epidemic means.

Recommended dosages of use
– hot inhalations – 1 drop (3-5 minutes)
– cold inhalations – 1 drop (2-3 minutes)
– use in a ban, a sauna – 3-5 drops on a session
– bathtubs of 3-5 drops
– massage of 3-8 drops on 10 g of transport oil
– enrichment of cosmetics of 1-3 drops on 5 ml of a basis
– for strengthening of hair – 5-7 drops to add masks in the divorced clay, balm, oil, to put on head skin, to wrap up and leave for 10-15 min.
– repellent – 5 drops on 25 grams of basic oil – to put on open sites of a body

Precautionary measures
– essential oil of a sage is very strong oil therefore before its use must be regulated. There are individuals that may be sensitive to this oil.
– not to be used for pregnancy, during breastfeeding, hypererethism, sleeplessness, epilepsy and hypertension of high degree.
– when placed  on skin, essential oil of a sage causes a pricking, easy sleep, skin giperemiya within several minutes. These reactions are however just natural.

Complementary aromas
Rose, geranium, not roles, pink tree, bergamot, carnation, pine, muscat, cinnamon and lavender.

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