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Date: 2013-11-06

Not long ago I was buying this router for parents. The producer promises us speed of 300 Mbits. Also, there are 3 aerials included in a complete set that increases reliability of connection between routers and other devices. Besides that the model has very high permeability of signal through the dense environment, such as office furniture and even concrete walls. According to manufacturer’s statements the distance on which there is a clear signal reception is rather big, however, they don’t tell the exact figures, but it’s something like 25-30 meters in conditions of large amount of concrete walls and about 50 meters in conditions of direct visibility.

SST technology allows to handle the signal coming from three separated channels, which distinctly increases reliability of the system on the whole, as the amount of faults declines. Moreover, you can replace aerials with more powerful, it is also provided for and admitted. Fixation of the router is possible both on-wall and traditional. Also there is an ability to turn on the protection by pressing one button on the router. The software is traditionally diverse, which allows configuring anything possible and even pile of things that nobody needs, as for interesting counters there is – settings of channel width for every single computer by IP address, which is rather convenient in a small office, you can divide the channel among the staff equally, so that no one would press nobody.
Most of all that I like in TP-Link routers is the simplicity of their installation, with help of the guide-book it can be done in 10 minutes and can be forgotten for many years. One more thing I like is that router can re-connect when there is Internet disconnection and later re-connection, while many models that I had to come across malfunction and don’t re-connect normally until you restart them, here there is no such problem. All modern protocols are supported and there is an inverse compatibility with old protocols. There is also a built-in Firewall, though I didn’t use it at all. The most important in this model is its stability and lack of problems, you have once set it up at home and have forgotten about its existence and you have the Internet in all your iPhone, iPad and other laptops. For example I suffered a lot with D-Link, although it seemed difficult to mar the simplest router; however they did it in their last models. I used Asus models the same way, it a bullshit, it breaks down in all possible places. All in all, I recommend you this model; the price is very cheap as for such multifunctional router.

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  1. Loyd 14 December 2013 :

    I`ve got a similar one and I am not fully satisfied. Not because it is bad or has bad quality but because it didn`t fulfill the functions that it is supposed to fulfill and it has some interruptions in connection sometimes.

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