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Medication:   Zantac Maximum Strength
Category:   GERD (Heartburn)
Author´s opinion:
Date: 2013-11-30

I don’t like visiting doctors much as I know all my health problems myself and treat them perfectly. I thought like that a month ago when I saw this quite expensive (about 23$) perfect maximum strength reliever in our local drugstore.

Having read a lot about different types of acid reducers I tried nonprescription 150mg reliever in 90 tablets. It was a must to try when I heard that I didn’t have to go to doctors (may be my fear of doctors woke up here). But when I read and than compared all the promised and all really working effects I wasn’t surprised much. For such money I could have some kind of quicker help, really. I don’t say that it doesn’t work, I mean it works but I would like the result to show off earlier, quicker (I took it for about 3 weeks and the full relief came on the second week only). If you have very spicy diet this thing will help you because it helps to get rid of acid indigestion due to all the active components in it.

On the whole, I liked the product, as it still acts well, releasing my stomach from unnecessary unpleasant feelings. But I used to take some really quick heartburn relieving medicines too, so I wouldn’t recommend you to buy it at once if you are eager to find some quick relief product that acts instantly.

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Active ingredients:

  1. Ranitidine

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Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement No

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  1. Tampon


  1. Zantac

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