Purlisse Pur-Eye Adore Eye Treatment

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Customer reviews: Purlisse Pur-Eye Adore Eye Treatment

Eyes without Puffiness and Dark Areas

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-11-02
Author´s opinion:
I am a mature woman with some skin problems. In respect that my skin belongs to extra sensitive type, I can’t buy any beauty product. When I read about the eye serum by Pur, I understood that it was something like I needed. The manufacturer announces that this product has four essential benefits for age-sensitive skin. It was the last thing that persuaded me to obtain it despite its cost. After monthly application I can declare that this product is appeared to be an impactful agent for puffiness, dark eye areas as well as fine lines. I can’t admit it cope with the forth function (hydrating) properly. But the lifting ...