Hairdryer Philips HP8270/00 ActiveCare

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Customer reviews: Hairdryer Philips HP8270/00 ActiveCare

The best hair dryer from Philips!

Author: Solly     Date: 2013-11-07
Author´s opinion:
I like even the look of Philips Active Care 2300W hair dryer, it is white, big and heavy enough, but it’s convenient to hold it in hands and I also like the way switchers are arranged, it doesn’t prevent when using it, the flex is long so you don’t have to stand near the socket. What is special about it is its ionization, which wonderfully effects on the hair, with its help hair scales close and become smoother, don’t electrify, shine. There is one more plus, it has got temperature sensor, when turned on, it doesn’t allow over dry hair and the temperature remains normal, not warmer, so that not to damage hair. I am simply ...