How to make perfumed body powder


How to make perfumed body powder

For many years powder veil refreshing body and simultaneously performing functions of deodorant and perfume had great success. With appearance of industrial deodorants, perfume-powder was forgotten for a while, but nowadays it’s regaining its popularity. And it’s not a surprise that this cosmetic means allows to get rid of excessive body sweating, makes the skin smooth and fine and also helps your favorite scent to go with you all day long.

You´ll need

  • Corn starch – 0.35 oz (10 g)
  • Talc – 0.10 oz (3 g)
  • Zinc oxide – 0.03 oz (1 g)
  • Coconut oil – 10 drops
  • Cosmetic perfume – 20 drops


  • How to make perfumed body powder

    We mix starch, talc, and zinc oxide. Corn starch and talc normalize production of sebum, prevent appearance of unpleasant smell from the body, make skin smooth, soft and velvet and take the gloss off. Zinc oxide intensifies deodorant effect of powder, preventing growth of bacteria on skin.

  • How to make perfumed body powder

    So to get homogeneous light powder mixture, we put it into coffee grinder and turn it on for 5-10 seconds.

  • How to make perfumed body powder

    Melt a piece of coconut oil (you can do it right in a spoon). Coconut oil look after skin, covers it with thinnest little film, improving natural protective functions. Besides, oil helps powder to remain on skin and allocates the scent of the perfume.

  • How to make perfumed body powder

    Coconut oil melts easily, even in room’s temperature, without additional heating it quickly turns into liquid state.

  • How to make perfumed body powder

    We add cosmetic perfume with favorite scent to the melted oil and drop by drop add them into dry mixture, constantly mixing. So that oil with scent could evenly spread all over the volume of powder, we mix everything in a coffee grinder within 10-15 seconds.

  • How to make perfumed body powder

    Application method of DIY-powder is very simple – you apply powder with a puff to clean, well-wiped skin. Should be noted: powder is applied with patting movements, you don’t rub it in your skin; you can brush aside the rests of the powder with a towel. Perfumed powder will give the skin your favorite scent, will make it delicate and smooth for the whole day, and will allow avoiding excessive sweating and appearance of unwanted smell of the body as well. You can powder up armpits, footsteps, palms with this fragrant powder.


  • Owners of dry skin may not add zinc oxide to the powder.
  • You can add shining mica, which will give your skin a light glimmer.
  • You should keep perfumed powder in densely closing container.

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  1. Liya 24 January 2014 :

    Perfumed powder should be perfect for those who dislike strong smell of perfume or for those who have allergy. Do you often use perfumed powder?

  2. Tabitha 16 March 2014 :

    I use it very often because I have small kids and when I am using my perfume they began to sneeze all the time that is why in order not to provoke it, I prefer body powder.

  3. Amanda 02 April 2014 :

    I don`t have allergy on perfumes, but I enjoy using the body powder, because I like the tender and exquisite smell of it. And the most pleasant thing is that you can create the odor you like by yourself.

  4. Bally 22 April 2014 :

    It appears that body powder has a lot of advantages and one more pleasant thing is that it is free from different chemicals and preservatives.

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