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Category: Car Accessories
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Date: 2013-11-09

Lately I bought wind deflectors for my car, because it’s impossible to drive without them, I thought I would get used, but after I was splashed something at my face, I decided to buy wind deflectors. As next time not water but stone can fly in the eye, so it’s better to pay up 150 euros for complete set of wind deflectors on all 4 windows. There is an instruction and a small pack with two catchers. The quality of how the wind deflectors are built is ideal there are no uneven parts or something of this kind.

The installation is possible in three ways as the Germans have considered all possible variants, and all the ways are described in details with pictures on many languages. In my opinion, the installation in the most difficult, but most safe way without anyone’s help took me half an hour, I was installing 4 wind deflectors on 4 car doors, they are propped rather reliably, though without sticky tape, under the sealer. The only drawback is that the windows are not fully lifted and their auto switching may not work for the reason, as it happened with me, Mercedes is thinking that there is some kind of obstacle which prevents the window and lowers it, you have to lift it slowly by hand until it rests against. Ideally, it shouldn’t be like that, but it is and we take one point away for this, it’s not an important critical problem for me, much more important is that the wind deflectors completely perform their function, what is more, rain falls less into the salon with open window. And aerodynamic noise decreases on the high speed, when the rear window creates resonance and as if helicopter blades are working by and pulsing in ears, so this effect disappears with wind deflectors. On the whole, I am more than satisfied.

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  1. TessB 11 December 2013 :

    I have always wondered how people can do such things by themselves. My husband always consults repairmen, because he is always afraid to damage his car or not to be able to fix the problem with his car by himself.

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