How to make origami rabbit from paper

Secrets of origami art for kids are revealed by skill of folding a square sheet of paper, precisely combining its corners and sides. Eared paper rabbit – is one of the simplest origami models from which beginners should start.


Tips and details

Here are several tips for beginners so that they will enjoy their work and get pleasing results:

a) Choose white paper – bend lines are better seen on it;

b) Work on a rigid surface – it’s easier to smooth out bends;

c) First handicrafts should be large and simple like origami rabbit;

d) Use a pencil – it’s convenient to mark bend lines;

e) Got confused, take a new sheet and start from the beginning – you’ll save time doing this.

Start working

By following the picture scheme you’ll understand how to make a rabbit from paper quickly and simply. The item numbers correspond to the numbers on the pictures.

1- 4. Fold the square along the diagonal. We lower sharp angles of the given triangle by combining all its vertices to one point. We set the square with the open side down. We bend adjacent sides to the central diagonal of the paper figurine.


5. We bend back the little angle of the left side of the figurine from the center, marking the bend lines.


6. We flatten out a “pocket”.


7. Do the same thing on the right side.


8. We fold up the figurine along the “mountain” line.


9-10. We form the ears. Now curve the lower sharp angle from the left to the right.

origamikrolik7     origamikrolik8

11. We bend each ear along.


12-13. We make little muzzle by bending the left angle.

origamikrolik10     origamikrolik11

14. We curve in the angles on the little muzzle and on the little tail.


15. The final touch and the paper rabbit is ready! We form the little tail by bending out the top of the angle.

origamikrolik13  origamikrolik14

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  1. Habbri 03 January 2014 :

    I like origami because when I am doing it, I feel calm. It is a great thing to do in order to relax after a hard working day. But this rabbit doesn`t look like a rabbit at all.

  2. Mandy 05 January 2014 :

    While making origami it is impossible to be absolutely precise and to create a perfect figure with detailed characteristics and to make it just like a real rabbit.

  3. Lucky 04 March 2014 :

    I perfectly understand it but several months ago I created a lion, according to the instruction in the internet and it looked like a real lion.

  4. Sallivan 07 April 2014 :

    Of course, everything depends not only on paper or instruction but also on the imagination and skills of the person who is making origami that is why tastes differ.

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