OCZ-ZT 750W Computer Power Supply

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Customer reviews: OCZ-ZT 750W Computer Power Supply

Best computer power supply from middle pricing category

Author: Eric     Date: 2013-11-25
Author´s opinion:
I’ve recently been constructing a budget playing computer, I chose exactly this power supply for it, because you shouldn’t save money on power supply. I took it with a stock so that in future I could link up two video cards. Generally, the pricing on the market of power supplies is now like all the prices on supplies up to 750W are low, and then they are abruptly rising for power supplies of 800W and higher. So I’ve chosen just 750W, as I didn’t want to overpay. On the whole the OCZ firm gives rather premium-class details as well as it is very popular brand in computer world. I was pleased by presence of 80 plus bronze ...