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Date: 2013-11-28

Before I acquired the G500 I had been using the ordinary Logiteck mouse with 3 buttons that had served me not less than 5-6 years. Being very glad about such a long validity I decided to take the Logiteck gaming mouse, hoping that it would serve not less than the previous one and with more comfort.

The mouse is very loud. It can be related to almost every button. The scroll wheel is especially inconvenient. They have charged it with 3 buttons + the scroll function working in 2 modes. When you try to press the middle button, the wheel is always moving on the buttons of the horizontal scrolling, you manage to do the middle click at the 3-4 attempt.

The side surface on which you put your thumb is made of the rough plastic. The plastic is hard and it’s hardly better than the sandpaper.

The side buttons are located quite inconveniently. To press one or other button you need to change the position of your hand on the mouse and to find the needed button.

The sensor resolution regulation buttons are located too far from each other. It was supposed to use the thumb to operate these buttons, but to reach them you have to move your thumb and press them.
Apart from the loud noise, the right and left click buttons have one more disadvantage – they are round. It’s not that significant, but it’s not very pleasant.

As far as I understood, they had big ideas about ergonomics that I haven’t noticed, unfortunately. Neither the fortified cord nor the set of bobs (to regulate the weight) and the so called ergonomic shape didn’t save the mouse.

This mouse is convenient on the shopping window only.

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